Patina: A Sanctuary in Maldives

Escape to the golden fringes of the island in the Maldives for mellow serenity. Or tune into marine wonder within the reaches of our lagoon.

Each of the private villa sanctuaries is honed from nature’s materials and pure creativity to soothe your senses and soul.

No man is an island entire of itself. How to build a space where hospitality design provides the romance and deep contact with nature but still boosts social encounters? How to lead people to really share with one another this extreme experience of one of the most remote places on the planet?

People naturally seek the complicity of others when going thru extraordinary days. Everyone on this island is connected by a common search and dedication to achieve one of the biggest archetypes in literature: the island. The ultimate metaphor for isolation allows people to do things they would not normally do. Without the pressures of society, we go back to the basics of humanity; we’re linked to each other.

The hotel in the Maldives will provide a welcoming space for people to live light, unleash creativity, amplify natural feelings in a dreamy state. For the past years, studio mk27 team has had the privilege to imagine a shelter for a radical living experience, a temporary home in the exuberant infinite blues, wildlife, and open skies.

The hotel is a kaleidoscope of atmospheres organized in an ascending way: from private to public, from isolation to belonging, from simplicity to sophistication. We escalate the textures and emotions from 0 to 100, from soft shadows to overwhelming light. It’s a rhythm with contrast, pauses, and transparencies. From slow dolce far niente to exuberant real vitality, it is a place for people to bond with nature and each other, for people to experience the essential with glamour.

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