How Does A Modern Bali Home Look Like?

With modern architecture influence coming in to Bali, which concept was brought in by international visitors for the past ten years, there has been a transformation in the way Balinese build their homes or villas. Take a look at this Balitecture ideas of Bali Villas.

What is Balinese interior design? What is Balinese style?

Well, here’s the answer from Google: Balinese style incorporates the outdoors like no other interior decorating style and is grounded in nature — and unlike Scandinavian, British or even French nature, Bali is a place of wild greenery, tropical foliage and rich flora.

However, with simplicity introduced by modern Scandinavian design, Bali has incorporated this slim streamline into their teak wood furniture, bed frame, mirrors and chairs and use lighter natural wooden finish if it’s not white washed. Something you won’t find back in the eighties where Bali homes were filled with heavy dark victorian shaped furnitures imported from Java Island.

What’s interesting is, you don’t loose the tropical feel of the whole interior design as greenery is still become the main highlight both indoor and outdoor, with a highly maintained beautiful landscape. Yes, it takes several gardeners to keep it beautiful, so you can still enjoy the outdoor living in the garden most of the daylight, like I always do.

Should we call this modern Bali architecture and interior design? I can’t agree more. This is certainly not the hotels and homes we rented when my family visited Bali back in the eighties. It’s much much modern today, but when you wake up in the morning, you can still catch this island feel immediately.

Elora Hardy and Bamboo Home

You may have read about Elora Hardy with her stunning bamboo architecture in paradise island of Bali. Now you can watch it through Apple TV+

my bali living

Hartland Is Indeed A Heartland For Interior Designers

“Hartland is a seamless transition between indoors, outdoors, and beyond… I cannot recommend it highly enough.”

Hartland Estate, nestled into the slopes of Ubud’s scenic Sayan Ridge, overlooking a wide tapestry of rice paddies bordering the Ayung River, is Bali’s latest work of art. A thoughtfully conceived and elegantly executed Luxury Bali Retreat, Hartland is only a 10-minute drive from the center of Ubud.

One of the most stunning Sayan Valley views greets you upon arrival at this gorgeous Ubud private vacation villa. Carefully set into the landscape around the 6,000 square meter estate, are five beautifully furnished air-conditioned bedroom suites, all created with a natural design befitting its stunning Bali location. 

Each suite has its own private space and extensive garden and decks surrounding it. Three Suites are made from reclaimed teak wood houses — a Joglo, an Old Java House and a Gladak. Each grass-roofed suite features a spacious double bedroom, luxurious bathroom and a large wooden deck with an outdoor lounging area and open spaces for early morning yoga or meditation.

A Meditation Gazebo is located in a secluded spot further down the hillside towards the organic vegetable and herb gardens. It is fan-cooled with large a comfortable couch, mosquito net and, of course, amazing views!

What Makes Bali Interiors Alluring to Architects and Interior Designers

There is no bad time to visit tropical Bali as the weather is consistently warm and humid year-round, with an average daily temperature of around 82 degrees-Fahrenheit. You’ll run into either the wet or dry season, both offering different experiences. Many tourists prefer to visit in the dry season between May and September, when the humidity levels tend to be at their lowest. However, visiting during January and March may afford travelers better deals on hotels and tour packages.

Matching Bali’s natural wonders are its ever-growing choice of awesome accommodations. From lavish resorts to affordable hostels, developers go all-out to create outstanding, well-equipped and enjoyable places to stay. Private villas can even be rented at unbelievably affordable prices. Many resorts and hotels have splendid swimming and infinity pools, most of which are attractions in themselves.

Architects, almost every day, make a list of places to visit next or at least in a lifetime. And we bring yet another fascinating destination for you to add to that list. Amongst all the other 17,000 islands that Indonesia has, Bali stands out the most. Considered one of the most peaceful and stunning places, the island of Bali includes distinct elements that pull architects toward it throughout the year.

Bali is a tropical island in Indonesia. It is known for its forest-filled volcanic mountains, beaches, and its coral reefs. It is the target of much tourism, and is always a good option for those who prefer a paradisiacal destination. This island is full of resorts, and to go along with its beautiful nature we have interior designers, who play a very important role in establishing balance.

Sky-high ceilings, sunken living areas or open-plan bathrooms with indoor palms – whatever your dream spaces look like, Bali’s best interior designers can bring them to life.

Whether you’re furnishing your home or building a dream house from scratch, there really is no better place than Bali when it comes to interior design. Here on the island, you’ll find fabulous furniture made from breathtaking indigenous materials, you can shop gorgeous homewares made by local artisans who’ve honed their craft over generations, and that’s before we even mention the dizzying array of big, breezy rental villas just waiting to be decorated and transformed into dreamy abodes.

Photography: Pranayoga

Furniture & Home Decor: My Bali Living

How to Style Your Boho Bedroom

Furniture and Home Decor: My Bali Living

Use Megan raffia pendant lights to style the lighting.

Justina Blakeney rattan bed.

Pure Salt Interiors rattan coffee table.

My Bali Living jute raffia lumbar pillow.

How to Decorate Wedding Like The Knot

The Knot is filled with million inspiration on how to decorate a wedding. What we like most is this wedding event designers who have used My Bali Living and Serena and Lily rattan pendant lights making the garden looks so special and beautiful.

I couldn’t be more joyful attending a wedding than to see it’s wedding decorations is filled with natural decor from placemats to lighting. Just what I need to have captivating memorable photographs for years to come.

How to decorate a store like Spell and The Gypsy

Spell has included rattan and raffia pendant lights into their ceiling decoration while you may enjoy each of their beautiful dresses and home decor displayed beautifully. Spell has been my favorite fashion designer ever since I touched down in Bali. Beautiful fabrics and flowing skirts have truly become our daily wear here in the paradise island.

If she said Nope I’m not going back home

…then simply bring Bali home!

And convo us to discuss how you can spend wisely throughout this pandemic season for a relaxing home interior styling with natural home decors and more to create the ambiance of Bali back home.

You Can Never Be Too Natural in Interior Design Concept

Thatch roof. Teak wood table. Teak wood wardrobe. Teak wood bed frame. Teak wood mirror. Rattan pendant lights. Straw baskets. Sisal rug. Teak wood doors and beams. How could you be too natural when it comes to leverage the sustainable, eco friendly furniture and home decors? In an island like Bali? Closer to nature tropical climate?

You can never be too natural when it comes to interior design concept.

So be it. Bring as much the outdoor in. Enjoy every second of the nature’s abundance feel. And stay healthy paychologically either in the oval office, a nursing home or hospital room. Dare to bring much nature in.

Welcome Fall Interior Design

As the fall season approaching, this pumpkin shape pendant light comes to mind. What do you think?

Don’t we all love pumpkin decor around the house during this time of the year?

Have a remodel a bit for fall decor, and enjoy the natural honey color on top of a walnut stained farmhouse dining room furniture.