How Pure Salt Interiors Believes in Rattan Pendant Lights

Born as pure Indonesian, and raised in different islands throughout the archipelago, my eyes have been familiar to home decors and furnitures with handowen technique. This handloom functional home goods is our daily encounter in anything we use at home. From rugs to pillow to basket to seating to wall to table and even bed frame.

And with abundant natural earth resources we have in the country, my designer’s heart can’t help it but using this rattan, palm leaf, bamboo, seagrass, willow reeds, banana abaca and many more kinds of natural straws to use in home decor designs.

So when I learned how this natural fibers are used by interior designers around the world, and how deep they believe in rattan pendant lights for their beautiful interior design, I couldn’t be more joyful to see them in many of Pure Salt Interiors design aesthetic.

They know how this piece would make a difference in any room. For this, I especially thank you ladies for believing in us, the Indonesian crafters. You truly are a trendsetter in modern coastal interior design and we wish you a flourishing, thriving and sustainable business in the future.

Sending you much love from Bali.

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