Bali Cafes Design Ideas

It’s a natural desire for an interior designer or future cafe owner to travel to some countries and visit the local cafes to feel in person the ambiance of the interior and exterior. And learn if they feel the same experience with tens of thousands of visitors who proudly posted on instagram. Then decide to just use the similar interior design style back in town, then start hunting for local made furnitures and home decor to achieve the similar scale of ambiance.

Bali Cafes are of designers’ favorite to get inspired from. You can see them going around into details of the Balinese local made furnitures and home decor, while waiting for their lunch. Taking pictures of the architecture details and touch the materials to be sure of the texture. Some go into connection details, learn how wooden beams are connected, how thatch roof are handsewn and installed, how teak wood building are constructed.

But with travel restrictions around the world making it hard for them to jump on the plane, let me just curate some cafes interior design for you to take a look. This might not be the details you look for, but at least you can get some insights on what Bali has to offer in terms of furnitures and home decors, as well as building materials.

Later this week I will curate for you the detail furnitures and home decor this cafes have used, so you may immediately reach out to us and request for sourcing services. Until then, be inspired and pick anything from the images the thing you would like to have for your future interior design project.

Do not be intimidated by the thoughts, thinking this might be over your budget. You may start with as low as $15,000 to fill up a container load freight and have enough Bali furnitures, home decors and cafe supplies for the project basic elements.

Photography: Bali Cafes


Mediterranean Interior Design Ideas

Jenya Lykasova created this visualization to entertain the rustic modern spirit in us. Her monochrome neutral filled with wood and rattan home decor truly captured our Mediterranean style admiration.

And this Nordic design by LIB.Team reminds me of the dining room in Casa Cook Restaurant in Mykonos and Rhodes which filled with rattan ceiling lights. A touch of Mediterranean to the whole modern rustic style.

But it was designed for an apartment in Vietnam. Don’t we finally agree that rattan lighting is now a staple for Nordic interior design?

Furniture And Home Decor Shopping in Bali

Sky-high ceilings, sunken living areas or open-plan bathrooms with indoor palms – whatever your dream spaces look like, Bali’s best interior designers can bring them to life.

Whether you’re furnishing your home or building a dream house from scratch, there really is no better place than Bali when it comes to interior design. Here on the island, you’ll find fabulous furniture made from breathtaking indigenous materials, you can shop gorgeous homewares made by local artisans who’ve honed their craft over generations, and that’s before we even mention the dizzying array of big, breezy rental villas just waiting to be decorated and transformed into dreamy abodes.

But where to start on your home decorating journey? From picking out the perfect textiles, tiles and ceramics, to choosing the right materials that not only look lovely but will last in Bali’s tropical climate too – designing and decorating your home is a pretty daunting task.

Luckily, right here in Bali, you’ll find interior experts who can carefully curate Pinterest-worthy spaces that deserve a front page feature on Vogue Living. So, to help you create the perfect interiors for your home or commercial project around the world, here are some artisanal furnitures and home decor workshop to help turn your dream space into a reality.

And oh, even if you don’t have time to come and visit Bali, they are available for a video shopping. All you need is a What’s App Video Call where you can set up an appointment while they show you the furniture and home decor on site, for you to pick from.

My Bali Living. A sustainable, eco friendly furniture and home decor makers.

My Bali Pillow. Beautiful collection of raw cotton and linen pillow cushion. Various style from embroidery to shell to tassel accessories. Great for coastal interior design.

Bali Decor. Natural based home decor, artisanal handmade crafts made from surrounding earth resources.

Bali Interiors. Bali furniture and home decor enthusiasts who would love to escort and guide you around the island for a designer tour package.

How Does A Modern Bali Home Look Like?

With modern architecture influence coming in to Bali, which concept was brought in by international visitors for the past ten years, there has been a transformation in the way Balinese build their homes or villas. Take a look at this Balitecture ideas of Bali Villas.

What is Balinese interior design? What is Balinese style?

Well, here’s the answer from Google: Balinese style incorporates the outdoors like no other interior decorating style and is grounded in nature — and unlike Scandinavian, British or even French nature, Bali is a place of wild greenery, tropical foliage and rich flora.

However, with simplicity introduced by modern Scandinavian design, Bali has incorporated this slim streamline into their teak wood furniture, bed frame, mirrors and chairs and use lighter natural wooden finish if it’s not white washed. Something you won’t find back in the eighties where Bali homes were filled with heavy dark victorian shaped furnitures imported from Java Island.

What’s interesting is, you don’t loose the tropical feel of the whole interior design as greenery is still become the main highlight both indoor and outdoor, with a highly maintained beautiful landscape. Yes, it takes several gardeners to keep it beautiful, so you can still enjoy the outdoor living in the garden most of the daylight, like I always do.

Should we call this modern Bali architecture and interior design? I can’t agree more. This is certainly not the hotels and homes we rented when my family visited Bali back in the eighties. It’s much much modern today, but when you wake up in the morning, you can still catch this island feel immediately.