Gorgeous Bali Hotel Sages Interior Design To Get Inspired From

Photography: Pranayoga

Pranayoga is a hotel and villa photographer whose work has been featured on Condé Nast Traveler. With his talented wife Kadek they have been the most sought after for resort, product and fashion photography.


Why Bali Interior is A Staple Design Inspiration

The internet and social media life have been gracing the beauty of laid back life style vacation homes and villa interior design. From Cancun, Tulum, Ibiza, Mykonos and Bali, all have inspired us to go back to nature.

Designed by: OEUF Studio

There are times we may think it’s just beautiful feel on the screen, with natural fibers, woven furniture, home decor, further to woven lighting. Each gives us the thought: its gorgeous, but is it really the one we really need?

The villas in Bali have proven that living close with nature brings emotional health, and bringing outdoor in to infuse in chairs, tables and pendant lights have created a sense of creative brilliance.

Maybe because during our metropolitan years, we were offered this walls everywhere we go. Now an island living has given us a sense of freedom, where the ocean and rice fields have become our views on day to day living.

Bali has also been a place where interior designers seek for inspiration from the natural coastal living. Coming back home with a fresh vision for a whole new level of design concept.

Some of the inspirations that finally blend with today’s Bali style of interior designs are Scandinavian, Hamptons, Coastal California, Nordic, Japandi, Brutalist and Mid Century Modern. You can always count on Bali furniture and home decor to mix with this 2021 interior design trends. There is always a link to find within the architecture and interior design you blend with.

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Rattan Pendant Lights With More Variety Styles

Custom made lights and handmade in Bali. It’s wooden beads characteristics is sturdy and suitable for outdoors as well as indoors.

What style are you looking for? This piece would go with:

coastal interior design
mid century modern
modern rustic
beachy style living room
Hamptons kitchen
Scandinavian home
wabi sabi decor
Caribbean architecture
Japandi style
Mediterranean architecture
brutalist interiors
traditional home
country living
shabby chic
California casual
boho style
Nordic homes

Which room will you use this piece?

kitchen island
living room
dining room
roof top
coffee shop
wedding events

What would you use it for?

coastal home decor
ceiling light
light fixtures
flush mount light
hanging lights
wall lights
table desk lamp
floor lamp
cabana decor
cottage lamp
wedding decorations

How to Decorate with Ocean Blue in A Tropical Forest Home Interior Design

Photography: Pranayoga

Furniture and Home Decor: Bali Interiors

Beautiful Airbnb Vacation Home with Balinese natural interior design

Photography: Pranayoga

Furniture & Home Decor: Bali Interiors

Hearthstone Kitchen

Do you enjoy Houzz Apps? I do. So much.

Love this white room with blue kitchen cabinets, decorated with natural rattan pendant lights that freshen up the whole interior design.

Check out more beautiful woven light shades at previous Houzz projects to get some ideas on how to incorporate natural home decor into your modern Hamptons coastal kitchen design, to match Benjamin Moore Hearthstone cabinets.

Photography: Houzz

Sculptural Lighting: Top Home Decor Trends 2021 Interior Design

Whether you decide to take them or leave them, sculpted rattan is the major interior design trends for 2021 that we think are worth considering.

Sculpted Rattan Pendant Light

Our obsession with natural materials and craft skills is getting shapely as weavers go three-dimensional with curvaceous cane rounded rattan and bent bamboo. Get involved with sculptural lighting and work what you can outside, as this is a garden trend that will run and run.

Raisha Sculpted Lighting
Palecek Sculpted Lighting
Everygirl Sculpted Lighting
Nordic Sculpted Lighting
Bazar Bizar Sculpted Lighting
Pasadena Sculpted Lighting