Belles Beach House

We can’t get enough of chilling out in a beach style restaurant, right? This Belles Beach House has become a favorite place for California celebrities to hang out. Why?

The main reason is, the natural ambiance is so strong with the restaurant using natural finish sustainable wooden tables and rattan weave chairs. Adding the rattan lighting throughout the ceiling, bringing a coastal feel to the most.

The modern look won’t be jeopardized, you won’t need to be bothered with bugs that is normally found around less maintained tropical feel surrounding. With modern finish and look, the building architecture and interior design with high quality furnitures and home decors were prepared for a clean and cozy coastal feel.

Adding palm trees inside the building would bring an outdoor ambiance. With comfortable rattan chairs and teak wood sofa, it’s just the place to enjoy tropical style eatery in California.

Here you will find some restaurant and cafe interior design ideas, when you have your customers in mind.

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