Alena Valyavko on Behance with Wabi Sabi Interior Design

Do you love wabi sabi interior design? Then Alena is your designer!

I have been following Alena on Behance and love every single rendering visualization she made. To my surprise, she made one of the famous dining room of Casa Cook Hotel, with the oversized rattan pendant lights just look very similar with the real photos.

Personally I have been dreaming of having large rattan lights over my dining table, with the whole ambiance feels wabi sabi, and hopefully Alena would make one design for me too.

I couldn’t imagine having my custom designed furnitures and home decors to be rendered and visualized such a way it feels so laid back. In Bali, we have Maximilian Jancquel to transfer all the visualization into reality. His interior design taste is something I would love to for my vacation home.

Some people calls it primitive, though. But with modern touch, you can’t feel the creepiness of living inside the home. It feels nature friendly, eco living, with lots of natural resources like wood, rattan, cement concrete and indoor plants. It’s more like brutalist and grunge design, instead of primitive. What do you think?

So, enjoy Alena Valyavko on Behance!

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