Nantucket Rattan Pendant; The Story Behind The Process

Being a lighting designer push me to my limit most of the times. But the wiseman says, it makes you grow.

With Nantucket rattan pendant light, I think we have this hundred discussions on how to make it better and better every time.

From the rare best materials to use, to the accessories it takes and how to assemble, it’s been a constant modification, a continuous improvement, I would say.

Some interior design clients want it with chains, some with rods, others with sling. And like it says that the devil is in the details, honestly I try hard not to make it stressed out 😀

My design team for this consists of 6 persons including me, and I am kind like a little bit satisfied with it for now. The metal has now went through powder coating for ocean side use, and carefully select the rattan materials.

Am I a demanding designer? Yes I am, however I am so sorry if I haven’t satisfied you. There are some limitations in the industrial process as we keep to maintain sustainability slow home decor.

It’s been our mission to keep people working with our brand to continuously being productive, there is wisdom in making slow furniture and maintain the handmade process all the way. It’s relationship, the thing that industrial manufacturing might miss.

So, wishing you a wonderful holiday season, ladies. Don’t forget we are going to list 100 Christmas gift items under $100 right after the Thanksgiving to receive by mid December with DHL Express air freight. Yup, no supply chain back log, so @dhlexpress you’d better keep your promise! 🎄

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