How to Design Wabi Sabi with Yana Prydalna

I’ve been following Yana for quite some time, as I am looking for a designer that may be able to convince me with what design to pick for my future build.

I’ve been loving wabi sabi style for the past five years, however as this future home is going to be my show room in the future, I will also have to cater my clients who may use my lighting design into their aesthetic. Thus, trying to fit the rendering into broader look, such as farmhouse style, coastal, mediterranean, Hamptons, Scandinavian, Nordic, japandi, rustic, beach and more.

Not to mention the clients from hospitality industry, with hundreds of aesthetics to match on. From luxury restaurants to small town cafe bistro. From a high end executive club to local coffee shop.

There are times it’s difficult to pick which interior design style I need to go to when it comes to attach my rattan pendant lights into making the photo rendering. But for now, let forget about it and pick this wabi sabi rendering by Yana Prydalna and be inspired!

Her beautiful and meticulous rendering has birthed out more of my creative craftsmanship. It’s been a while since I designed furnitures and home decors in addition to lighting, but never dare to go serious about it. I just kept the prototype in the warehouse, knowing it takes so much energy to do interior styling with them.

I have throw pillow styles for photo shoots, another prototype lamp shades being idle in the warehouse, coffee tables, stools, base lamps, decorative bowls, painting, and much more itty bitty details of home decors. I would say it takes the whole village to do styling with them. So, in the meantime, let them sit and let’s think later how we can have them all rendered by Yana, rather than me getting sweat and exhausted, and loosing my breath due to the hard work it takes. I’m in my mid 50s and yes, constantly designing and crafting with 33 degrees Celsius feeling like 43 in Bali, thus I need to wait until winter hits Australia for us to have a cooler air being pushed up to the region.

Enjoy Yana’s work ladies! She’s an awesome interior designer whose taste I cheer dearly.

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