Why Bali Interior is A Staple Design Inspiration

The internet and social media life have been gracing the beauty of laid back life style vacation homes and villa interior design. From Cancun, Tulum, Ibiza, Mykonos and Bali, all have inspired us to go back to nature.

Designed by: OEUF Studio

There are times we may think it’s just beautiful feel on the screen, with natural fibers, woven furniture, home decor, further to woven lighting. Each gives us the thought: its gorgeous, but is it really the one we really need?

The villas in Bali have proven that living close with nature brings emotional health, and bringing outdoor in to infuse in chairs, tables and pendant lights have created a sense of creative brilliance.

Maybe because during our metropolitan years, we were offered this walls everywhere we go. Now an island living has given us a sense of freedom, where the ocean and rice fields have become our views on day to day living.

Bali has also been a place where interior designers seek for inspiration from the natural coastal living. Coming back home with a fresh vision for a whole new level of design concept.

Some of the inspirations that finally blend with today’s Bali style of interior designs are Scandinavian, Hamptons, Coastal California, Nordic, Japandi, Brutalist and Mid Century Modern. You can always count on Bali furniture and home decor to mix with this 2021 interior design trends. There is always a link to find within the architecture and interior design you blend with.

See you in Bali anytime soon?

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Sending you much love from Bali ❤ Grace 

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