Rust and Indigo, The Earth Tones You Need for Summer

Time to re-think the materials of shades! With perfect use of natural teak hardwood base and handwoven ikat mud cloth fabric, this beautiful piece of the nightstand is revived. Highly preferable for Vintage and Rustic styled designs, Traditional and Bohemian Interior Design trends, the nightstand seamlessly blends in with its natural surroundings with a stark focal and yet not a very bold look. Crafted with love and care, this handmade product reminds us of authenticity, charm and subtle magic!

The colour palette of the lighting is quite natural and desirable. With rust-stained and indigo earthy tones and a tribal looking appearance, this product has gradually evolved into a thoughtful piece of design. The look is all about authenticity and eclecticism! Amalgamating various materials to create free-standing eclectic lighting was the main concept. There are a wide array of opportunities to display this lighting – whether as nightstands by the bed frames or on the two ends of the consoles in your living and dining room!
Aligning very well with the Mid-Century Modern designs – the fabricated product goes well with your wooden textures and upholstery!

The peeking ambient light is set to glorify the room with a tinge of romance and cosiness. An eco-friendly and sustainable product in the home décor industry – these vintage lamps are nature’s own friends. As the stained dye has been derived from vegetables and plants, you can absolutely be proud of owning this product.
So, it is time to spruce up your home interiors with the spilled creativity! This decorative lighting solution will add the necessary depth and character to your room while acting as a major design element! Whether it is about adding a touch of warmth or comfort – the nightstands will never disappoint you! And believe me – You wouldn’t want to miss it!

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