How to Design A Vacation Home with Tropical Bali Inspired Furniture and Home Decors

This famous home of Magali Pascal has been an internet darling for interior designers around the world. It inspires many to design an open floor vacation home with lots of nature involvement. Get this styling package through within 20 weeks and enjoy your new home with Bali inspired interior design.

Wooden dining table has become the signature of Balinese style dining room, and rattan accent chairs have been gracing many vacation homes in Bali. Teak wood base of comfortable sofa and coffee table gives you this sense of close to nature.

And don’t forget that rattan pendant lights on top of the dining. With high ceiling, they hang beautifully as a statement pendant light for the open wide room. But they look beautiful as well in a low ceiling. Hanging rattan pendant lights low to your eye level has been a popular decision to many interior designers. Allow around 30 inches from the edge of your table to the edge of the pendant light to enjoy movement without bumping your head to the pendant lights, if you hang them low.

With this beautiful home as an inspiration to your next architectural project, allow some time to go through each detail of the furnitures and home decors. Go to reach out to for more information on how to style all this Bali furnitures and home decors for your future interior design project.

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