Is your home decor needing a refreshing look? We brought you a series of ideas so you can spend your quarantine time making the most of your mid-century modern house. Are you ready?

After spending so much time in our homes, we tend to feel tired of the appearance of our home divisions. Establishing a plan for redecorating our mid-century modern spaces, it’s a great idea because it can help you to fight anxiety, stress and boredom.

The first step your plan should be trying to move your mid-century modern furniture designs and objects to another place. Be daring! Wouldn’t your amazing stool look better in another corner of your living room? It’s time for you to call your creative self.

Do you have rugs in your living room? Changing your living room rugs is a quick and easy way to change the atmosphere of your home decor without overthinking. Add new colours, explore the colour trends 2020, add new textures and shapes to the room. At Essential Home, you can find good mid-century modern rugs that will surely bring a twist to your home decor. Check our astonishing tribal patterns!

Another to be creative and spend your time at home is to add some colour to the ambience without taking dramatic steps. Change the lamp shades, their spot by trying out new places and paint their lamp shade with bolding patterns or just a simple combination of colourful lamp shades. Paint your own image. It’s a practical way to bring a twist and distinct charm to your home decor.

This home decor tip is also easy and adds more visual aids to your living room. If you want to create a cosy and comfortable aura in your room, add a pillow on your mid-century modern sofas and stool. It will give new colours as well, texture and visually create a harmonious spot.

Now is also a great time to organize the accessories and ornaments that you usually have on the mid-century centre basket and keep everything in place. Keep your table decors clear it gives a sense of order in your living room.

Above your mid-century modern sideboard or mid-century modern sofa, you can place mirror frame on the wall or rearranging them in a new display that works for you. This is a quick and super-efficient tip to change the look of your home decor.

Here it goes the last home decor tip for this quarantine: change your bed runners. They are pieces easy to change and give an extra-charm and sense of balance to the home ambience. If you a fan of bohemian theme, try out matching the runner and pillow with the tones of the room!

Take all these incredible #stayathome mid-century home decor tips, keep your space well decorated and your mind-entertained. At Essential Home, you can discover a variety of exclusive furniture designs and accessories, perfect for adding a twisted touch to your home!

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