Maui Oversized Rattan Pendant Lighting

Casa Cook Rhodes Restaurant has been the most popular image in Pinterest and Instagram for their oversized rattan pendant lights. This beautiful, one of a kind handwoven pendant lights have stolen the hearts of thousand interior designers around the world and use it as inspiration to design a laid back, natural infused cafe and restaurant around the globe.

Now that it is made possible for everyone to get oversized rattan pendant lights, some designers get inspired to follow the path.

Beautiful Di Caprio Rattan Pendant Lighting. A top choice for coastal homes patio cafes.
Indie rattan pendant lights for more bohemian look in the kitchen.
Mauna Lani Rattan Pendant Lighting for Outdoor Use.
Christine Barraco in Her Sanctuary in Newport Beach, with Mauna Lani rattan pendant lights.
Mauna Lani Oversized Rattan Pendant Lighting for Auberge Resort in Maui.
Now you can have set of 12 Mauna Lani rattan pendant lights to cover the whole ceiling at your coastal beach restaurant. Get them here.
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