Post Covid-19 Create a Safe Outdoor Office Space

More office designs today must include permanent outdoor workspaces as per CDC advise. The good news is, more designers today have been leveraging open spaces, infused with natural decors and furnitures that is giving a sense of being outdoor.

The only thing is now to pursue more on open windows where circulation will go maximized in office and workplace. I am thinking on a parking lot where the wall is only about 60 inches tall, that might be a good idea to start with.

Here in Bali, we do have a coworking hub and outdoor cafes with tropical designed spaces. It gives a feeling of relax yet it’s been proven, productivity is not compromised.

Here are some ideas on how to design an office that will boost up productivity and at the same time, is a safe Covid-19 environment.

In Hubud Bali, bamboo piles, and decors have become centralized.

Palm raffia roofing adds natural ambiance to the architecture.

Wooden roofing, wooden wall paneling and tables, but having at least two open air sides in the room.

Oudoor garden with stairs for mind relaxing and light workout.

Yoga and other forms of relaxation in between tech based work activities.

At the end of the day, we realize we are human being are meant to live and enjoy the nature. Not in a space ship. Not in a galaxy kingdom. Just earth, created for us with natural plants, fresh air and living habitat.

Email us at to discuss how you can make this outdoor office and workplace happens with your current spaces.

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