Ideas to design outdoor dining with biophilic cafe design and open safe your cafe

Bali is famous with it’s outdoor dining, like many tourism destinations all over the world. Especially with its beautiful rice fields, making Bali is one of the loveliest islands with tourists and locals for it’s biophilic design cafes.

It’s jam packed with natural woven stool and woven cushion made of seagrass and rattan, and they add natural to the surrounding.

The rattan pendant light on top of each table seating add a special romance to this cafe interior design.

Checkout some ideas on how you can design your outdoor cafe or restaurant with us. With some smart ideas involving bioliphic natural plants, you can have a nature surrounding your cafe even though it’s located around business districts.

Beautiful rattan pendant light and four seating for each table. Distancing from other group seating. A Covid-19 safe layout in an outdoor cafe.

Let’s do this together. Email us at and let’s set up a semi permanent building that brings nature into your cafe that is Covid-19 safe.

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