Bamboo ceiling and rattan pendant lights, do they match?

Chrissy Rattan Pendant Light by MyBaliLiving

Thirty something years ago when we’re married too young, we had a vacation to a spot where you can enjoy the sound of river flowing and the water splashing while we’re on the bed, vibrating with youth.

This bamboo ceiling reminds me of the cottage we stayed in. It’s handwoven texture truly carved something in my heart.

And when I started to learn weaving rattan pendant lights, there is conflicting taste in my heart, can bamboo ceiling, which is rich with texture, go well with rattan pendant lights which are also rich with texture?

Isn’t it too much texture on top of your head while moving around the room?

Now you can judge for yourself. This beautiful Crystal Villas in Bali has proven you can never have too much texture when you bring outdoor inside, close to the outdoor itself.

Now let’s style your home with this natural infused home decors, by first adding this rattan pendant lights in the dining room. Get them here.

Or let’s talk and discuss on how we’re going to bring this resource from Bali, to accomplish your interior design goal this summer, starting from $5,000.


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