How to design Airbnb rental property with beautiful Balinese style vacation home.

Use many natural infused materials in furnitures, furnishings and fixtures. This villa in Koh Samui connects each of its corner to the nature in us. But if you don’t want to change everything, adding some small natural decors would totally nail it. Start with the natural wooden beaded pendant light that makes it the centerpiece of the living room.
Adding this beaded bamboo basket box, and a round handcarved wooden table top decor won’t hurt. Another beautiful decors on the hanging rack would also make a welcome home ambiance. And oh, you could also spare some of this little decors as you give away one piece or two to families who stay with their troops for a summer long vacation.
Rattan pendant light is very popular today. Add this wicker basket lighting on top of the kitchen counter and they would love to make instagrammable videos or photos while the family cook simple meals.
Custom made all this furnitures, furnishings and fixtures by sending email to to get a detail quotation.

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