How to interior styling your florist studio with rattan pendant lights.


It is no coincidence that Fleur is entirely and utterly obsessed with flowers. Not only is her name Fleur – flower in French. Flowers have surrounded Fleur from day dot.

Creative, Talented and a ‘style icon’ (quoted by Vogue living), from a very young age, how couldn’t you be with your Mother -Milliner Wendy Mead and your Great Aunt – Madge Garland – Editor of British Vogue?

Fleur McHarg is a symbol of Melbourne – a renowned floral designer and event stylist, a visionary, an innovator, and an exceptional talent with the rare gift of being able to turn a bunch of blooms into a piece of art.

Fleur McHarg excelled in art in her formative years holding her first exhibition in Collins Street at the age of only 19. From this understanding of colour, form and spatial awareness, style and design, floristry was a natural progression.

With a career spanning over 25 years, McHarg is renowned for her unique and timeless creations both nationally and internationally. McHarg has a vision that is beyond extraordinary. Having collaborated with top creative’s across a variety of genres. She is sought after by the leaders in fashion, art, entertainment and food. McHarg is celebrated for her vision and true creativity. Her innovative ideas and versatility ensures one never sees the same thing or ever sees anything ordinary.

With a flawless career, and highly sought after creative talents, Fleur delivers more than just flowers, styling, events and interiors. The work of this clever florist leaves you re-assessing all of the elements you thought you knew about floristry, decorating and design.

From cutting edge conceptual design to full event styling McHarg makes the impossible possible with her sophisticated use of colour and proportions to suit any taste.



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