How to Design A Trending Coffee Shop

From the guest working on a laptop or reading a novel to the group of friends catching up, coffee shops are the go-to spot for a wide range of customers. Your coffee shop interior has the ability to engage your guests, increase comfort, and urge them to become loyal patrons. Whether you’re just opening a coffee shop or looking to upgrade your decor and design, explore our coffee shop ideas below, so you can create an alluring space that will improve your business.

Outdoor lighting with rattan pendant lights has become a trending today. Choose variety of outdoor woven lighting here.

bamboo lighting

This bamboo lighting gives a sense of outdoor nature inside. So, this would be a great choice for Scandinavian design coffee shop interior. Have yours from here.

rattan lighting

This crocheted raffia pendant lights creates a sense of vegan life style and empowers the vegan message you try to bring in your cafe design concept. They are handmade in Bali by mybaliliving and are available for a half discount here.

Rattan pendant lights

Cafe Gratitude in San Diego knows how to give it’s customer a natural experience while sipping their coffee. This string pendant lights made of seagrass is a stunning. Hang them in a row of four or more on top of the coffee counter bar. It makes a great Instagram-Famous coffee experience for your customers.

Rattan pendant lights

This cafe in Bali has its decors made from natural sourcing. Beautiful row of dome rattan pendant lights are a signature to this coastal coffee shop in Uluwatu. A beautiful tourists spot.

Paris always gives us this romantic experience. For Parisians, this cafe has been a choice to hang out after work and socialize. Its ceiling is filled up with beautiful rattan pendant lights that truly gives a jungalow feeling embellished with green leafy plants surrounding them. Have yours from here.

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