Rattan Pendant Lights: Handwoven Glamour in Your Home

Rattan furniture might also conjure mind of lounging outside in the warmth of summer. But the handwoven rattan pendant is also ideally suited for the bedroom, the living room, the dining — well, you get the point. Let these pendants flip you onto the style of year-round rattan lighting — the appropriate touch of whimsical, handwoven glamour to your home.

Serena Grey Rattan Pendant Light


Made of natural rattan mixed with synthetic rattan. Metal framed inside. Serena Grey rattan pendant lights gray lighting with herringbone pattern of Morrocan lamp. Great for warm grey natural Scandinavian interior design.

Serena Pantone Classic Blue Rattan Pendant Lights


Made of natural rattan mixed with synthetic rattan. Metal framed inside. As featured by travel and interior design magazines. Great for coastal home decors and beach house blue decors interior design lighting.

Istanbul Rattan Pendant Lights


“Remembering the week when we designed this piece and found it more ethical to stitch down the layers of seagrass rope rather than hiddenly gluing them layer by layer, and turned out the interior stylists don’t mind to see the stitches. Oh what an experience to know how perfectionism doesn’t really help with designing process, but excellence does!”, says Grace Sihombing, mybaliliving in-house designer.

It’s a great option for a grey home interior styling, and anyone who loves grey home decors to add these rattan pendant lights to their grey kitchen island design. Furthermore, it’s shape resembles the roof top on many buildings in Istanbul beautiful city.

Morocco Black and White Rattan Pendant Lights


Made of natural rattan mixed with black and white synthetic rattan. Handwoven in and shipped right from Bali. A good news for Nordic Scandinavian stylists, you can use this Morrocan infused pattern to bring up a little texture to that plain simplicity of design.

The pendant is extremely versatile in that it can be hung in a kitchen, dining area or entryway. This light is ideal for a waterfront home or tropical décor, yet creates outdoor feeling brought inside to the metropolitan city apartments.

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